From developing proprietary data visualization software, to integrating with poorly documented legacy CRMs, to building an entire BI infrastructure from scratch, I had done them all. The insights gained from these analytics projects helped organizations save money and generate additional revenue. Below are some of the BI projects I had successfully managed.

  • Data ETL
  • KPI dashboarding
  • Predictive modeling
  • Infrastructure design
Business intelligence & data analytics consultant in Kelowna, BC.
Strategic and digital marketing professional in Kelowna, BC.


I had helped senior management develop marketing strategies based on market intelligence and customer profiling, and had participated in campaign executions to put those strategies into actions. This targeted, measurable, scientific approach to marketing allows the maximization of the ROI through continuous learning and improvement. Below are some of the areas of marketing I specialize in.

  • Strategy development
  • Profiling & segmentation
  • Market intelligence
  • Campaign management


I am a PMI certified Project Management Professional (PMP) that had led many projects both as a project manager and a lead developer. Below are some of the projects I had successfully managed in the past.

  • Corporate intranet project
  • Commission system project
  • BI infrastructure project
  • Change management project
  • Website projects
Project Management Professional (PMP) in Kelowna, BC.
IT Solutions consultant in Kelowna, BC.


I have over 14 years of experience in different areas of technology. from software development, server management, to infrastructure planning, but the list goes on.

  • Systems integration
  • Solutions development
  • Automation
  • Automated QA
  • Web design
  • Machine learning


I design functional, easy-to-use, mobile-friendly websites that help businesses and organizations improve their online presence. I had also helped numerous clients facelift or fix websites built by other developers. Below are some of the industries I have served:

  • Digital agency
  • Restaurant
  • Immigration & realtor services
  • Politic
  • Dance studio
IT, marketing, project management & web design consultant in Kelowna, BC.


CAA Sask

Solutions Manager

  • Business & IT Solutions
  • Project Management
  • Data-based Marketing


Systems Developer

  • Solutions Design
  • Systems Integration
  • Automation & QA

Sask Telecomm

Programmer Analyst

  • Systems Development
  • Automation
  • Software QA

Sask Highways


  • Software Development
  • Data Visualization
  • Quality Assurance


Master of Admin


  • Strategic Marketing
  • Lean Management
  • Strategic Human Resources
  • Project Management
  • Change Management
  • Diversity Management

Bachelor of Science

Computer Science

  • Math Minor
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Software Engineering
  • Database Management
  • Network Security
  • Operating Systems

There’s More

  • Project Management Professional
  • Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt
  • Certificate in Economics
MBA, PMP & six-sigma certified consultant in Kelowna, BC.