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I currently operate my own web design & digital marketing agency.

Project Pi Consulting Inc.

Managing Director

2017 - Present

Most of the people I went to graduate business school with ended up working for large corporations or consulting firms that serve those companies. I started Project Pi (pronounced pie) because I wanted small to mid-sized businesses to also have access to quality consulting services that help them maximize their potentials. Other than the day-to-day operations of the company, I am also responsible for the delivery of following services:

CAA Saskatchewan

Manager, Business Info Solutions

2011 - 2015

I started in Canadian Automotive Association’s marketing department responsible for producing market analytics. In the process, I developed a business intelligence infrastructure from scratch, which was then adopted by many other North America motor clubs, and eventually became a commercial product. After being promoted into management, I worked closely with senior executives in developing marketing strategies and performance management solutions that resulted in revenue growth for the company.

I was solutions manager at a motor club.
I was a lead developer at an insurance company.

The Co-operators

Systems Developer​

2009 - 2011

When I joined the the Co-operators insurance company, I was one of the few developers that had experience with Unix systems. So when the company undertook a multi-million dollar system migration program, I was made a lead developer for one of the projects. Some of the things 

  • Automated testing with Quick Test Pro
  • Reporting & analytics
  • Data ETL (Extract, Transform, Load)
  • Unix & Oracle programming


Programmer Analyst


My second co-op education job placement through the university was at Saskatchewan Telecommunications. Although I was only there for 8 months, I sure accomplished a lot. My job was to support, program new features and develop automated test scripts for a legacy CRM. Later in the work term, I was brought into a multi-million dollar project to develop modular automated test scripts. This is the part of my career that got me into process automation. From that point on, no matter where I work, I always look for ways to automate labour intensive processes.

I developed and QAed CRMs for a crown-owned telecomm.
I developed specialized data warehousing, QA and visualization software for the government..

Government of Saskatchewan



Due to government policy, most technology-related work is handled by the government’s own Information Technology Office branch. However, the Highways department had some very specialized hardware and software which the ITO could not support. To get around the issue, they hired me as a “technician” through the university’s co-op education program. During the 8 month term, I developed a data warehousing, QA and visualization software suite from scratch. As a result of my work, we uncovered a longstanding data accuracy issue, and likely saved the ministry money by preventing unnecessary road repairs.